Beginning Thoughts: America’s Got Talent in Zootopia? Middle Thoughts: I know they have to touch on every character, but I didn’t really feel for  any specific one.  Since there were so many parallel stories you don’t get the depth to care about any one character.  Ending Thoughts: Finally the part I’ve actually been looking forward to: their performances.  I was so happy they saved the orphanage (or was … Continue reading Sing

In Like Flint

Beginning Thoughts:  I’ve only heard the saying, “He’s in like Flynn.”  That’s as close as I’ve ever been to knowing anything about this movie. Middle Thoughts:  I’m not sure if it is because I saw Wonder Woman recently that I subconsciously chose this movie because it seems like the exact opposite.  I can only think to describe it as a hella-campy and uber-misogynistic spy movie.  That being … Continue reading In Like Flint

Wonder Woman

Beginning Thoughts: At this point for the DC Cinematic Universe, I have low expectations. Middle Thoughts: The training scenes for the Amazons are cool; I loved the variety of weaponry and skills the Amazons were demonstrating.  The fight between the Amazons and the Germans shows what I would expect from an advanced unskilled army vs primitive master army. The Amazons won, but at a cost. … Continue reading Wonder Woman

Alien: Covenant

Beginning Thoughts: I’m not a fan of scary movies, so I usually stay away from the Alien series. Unfortunately, this was chosen for the “Terrible Tuesday” movie. Middle Thoughts: It’s the little ones you have to worry about. The fledgling aliens were cute in my wife’s opinion. It was too soon after discovering how horrible the people were that she started rooting for the aliens. Ending … Continue reading Alien: Covenant

King Author – Legend of the Sword

Beginning Thoughts:  I saw the previews and didn’t think so much of this movie.  That’s how it became a new “Terrible Tuesday” movie tradition for my friends and me. Middle Thoughts: Well, the special effects are good and the opening battle was cool.  After the child escapes, it began feeling more like a mob movie than a King Arthur tale.  So thinking about Arthur as one Don … Continue reading King Author – Legend of the Sword

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Beginning Thoughts:  The movie is getting a lot of hype, but I’m avoiding spoilers the best I can (so far so good).  I’m looking forward to see how Baby Groot is incorporated. Middle Thoughts: Opening adventure was cool and a lot of fun.  The reversal of fighting a big bad guy first before having to fight the swarms of smaller enemies was a nice touch.  Baby … Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Why Him?

Beginning Thoughts:  Why am I watching this so soon after Office Christmas Party?  Shouldn’t I watch something better as a pallet cleanser? Middle Thoughts: Surprisingly I’ve laughed and cringed at things in the movie and had a good time doing it. Ending Thoughts: Glad they didn’t just end with ” and the  lived happily ever after”  the video chat was funny and a unique way to … Continue reading Why Him?

Office Christmas Party

Beginning Thoughts: I know it’s not currently the holiday season, but let’s go ahead and take a look at this one. Middle Thoughts: Well Jennifer Aniston is still trying to get away from the Rachelle image, but Jason Bateman is doing Jason Bateman. Ending Thoughts: This movie is trying to be a better Bacholer Party but not achieving it. Something I Didn’t Expect:  I really didn’t expect them to … Continue reading Office Christmas Party

Mechanic: Resurrection

Beginning Thoughts: A Jason Statham action movie.  Ok, let’s go. Middle Thoughts: Jason Statham action movie with Jessica Alba. Ending Thoughts: Jason Statham action movie with Jessica Alba and featuring Tommy Lee Jones. Something I Didn’t Expect: I think I saw Tommy Lee’s house in the movie being explored by Josh Gates on an a travel show once. Overall: This is exactly what I would expect … Continue reading Mechanic: Resurrection