How I Review Movies

Since this blog will be primarily movie reviews I wanted tell you about how I will be reviewing movies.  I’ve decided to present the review in a semi biographical order.  I also promise that I will do my best to avoid spoilers.

Beginning Thoughts:

These are my initial thoughts before watching the movie.  I get this from the previews, movie posters, marketing and people attached.

Middle Thoughts:

This is what I was thinking about halfway through the movie.  This could be anywhere in the movie.  Just where I decide to think about what I was feeling during the movie.

Ending Thoughts:

This is how I feel when  the credits start to roll.  How did the ending leave me, was I surprised, or complaining about how the movie is split into two feature length films.

Things I Didn’t Expect:

This is something that the movie did that see coming like a plot twist, liking a character or just being stunned by something in the movie.


This my overall feeling about the like fun movie, date movie, spectacle movie or 6 pack movie (drink to enjoy).

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