Alien: Covenant

Beginning Thoughts: I’m not a fan of scary movies, so I usually stay away from the Alien series. Unfortunately, this was chosen for the “Terrible Tuesday” movie. Middle Thoughts: It’s the little ones you have to worry about. The fledgling aliens were cute in my wife’s opinion. It was too soon after discovering how horrible the people were that she started rooting for the aliens. Ending … Continue reading Alien: Covenant

King Author – Legend of the Sword

Beginning Thoughts:  I saw the previews and didn’t think so much of this movie.  That’s how it became a new “Terrible Tuesday” movie tradition for my friends and me. Middle Thoughts: Well, the special effects are good and the opening battle was cool.  After the child escapes, it began feeling more like a mob movie than a King Arthur tale.  So thinking about Arthur as one Don … Continue reading King Author – Legend of the Sword