Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Beginning Thoughts: With no need for an origin story, I hope we can jump right into the crazy spy business without delay.   I enjoyed the levels of action, craziness and witty dialog from the first one.  I have hopes for this one to be just as good. Middle Thoughts: It’s been as much fun as the first one so far and I’ve really enjoyed the action, dialog, … Continue reading Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The Founder

Beginning Thoughts: Wait, are you saying a guy named Kroc founded McDonald’s? Middle Thoughts: Ray is the stereotypical rich quick character.  You only trust him as long as you can see him and once he is out of sight,  he’s only for himself. Ending Thoughts: Wow, what heartless individual! Ray is one of those people who have the drive to make a business great, because he’s looking out … Continue reading The Founder


Beginning Thoughts: This should be a good World War II movie. Middle Thoughts: OK, it took me a few cuts to figure out it is non-linear story telling. Ending Thoughts: A powerful story that should be told and known by everyone. Something I Didn’t Expect: I didn’t expect: Did they really just print Churchill’s speech in the paper word for word? Overall: I’m not sure that I would watch … Continue reading Dunkirk

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Beginning Thoughts: I want another Fifth Element. Middle Thoughts: There is no chemistry between these leading actors. Special effects look fantastic. Those aliens that live on the beach are crazy beautiful like runway models. The Great Bazaar is a unique concept and well executed. Ending Thoughts: So the aliens that never left their planet learned enough to: 1) survive on a wrecked ship; 2) use that … Continue reading Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Spider-man: Homecoming

Beginning Thoughts: Marvel Cinematic Universe viewing is required viewing and I heard good things. I have successfully avoided the standard spoiler filled previews; I’m not sure how I did that. Middle Thoughts: I do believe that any teenager would be doing all those videos and taking selfies if they got a free trip to Germany to fight alongside Iron Man.  The actions is fun and the humor … Continue reading Spider-man: Homecoming

Wonder Woman

Beginning Thoughts: At this point for the DC Cinematic Universe, I have low expectations. Middle Thoughts: The training scenes for the Amazons are cool; I loved the variety of weaponry and skills the Amazons were demonstrating.  The fight between the Amazons and the Germans shows what I would expect from an advanced unskilled army vs primitive master army. The Amazons won, but at a cost. … Continue reading Wonder Woman

Alien: Covenant

Beginning Thoughts: I’m not a fan of scary movies, so I usually stay away from the Alien series. Unfortunately, this was chosen for the “Terrible Tuesday” movie. Middle Thoughts: It’s the little ones you have to worry about. The fledgling aliens were cute in my wife’s opinion. It was too soon after discovering how horrible the people were that she started rooting for the aliens. Ending … Continue reading Alien: Covenant

King Author – Legend of the Sword

Beginning Thoughts:  I saw the previews and didn’t think so much of this movie.  That’s how it became a new “Terrible Tuesday” movie tradition for my friends and me. Middle Thoughts: Well, the special effects are good and the opening battle was cool.  After the child escapes, it began feeling more like a mob movie than a King Arthur tale.  So thinking about Arthur as one Don … Continue reading King Author – Legend of the Sword

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Beginning Thoughts:  The movie is getting a lot of hype, but I’m avoiding spoilers the best I can (so far so good).  I’m looking forward to see how Baby Groot is incorporated. Middle Thoughts: Opening adventure was cool and a lot of fun.  The reversal of fighting a big bad guy first before having to fight the swarms of smaller enemies was a nice touch.  Baby … Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2