Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Beginning Thoughts: With no need for an origin story, I hope we can jump right into the crazy spy business without delay.   I enjoyed the levels of action, craziness and witty dialog from the first one.  I have hopes for this one to be just as good. Middle Thoughts: It’s been as much fun as the first one so far and I’ve really enjoyed the action, dialog, … Continue reading Kingsman: The Golden Circle


Beginning Thoughts: I need to more to drink if I’m going to watch this movie. Middle Thoughts: So, not as bad as I was expecting. The jokes are raunchy, but there is more of a plot than I expected. After seeing movies like Starsky & Hutch and Baywatch, I have dauntingly low expectations for remaking classic TV shows as movies. Ending Thoughts: Ok, so this won’t win awards, … Continue reading CHIPS

King Author – Legend of the Sword

Beginning Thoughts:  I saw the previews and didn’t think so much of this movie.  That’s how it became a new “Terrible Tuesday” movie tradition for my friends and me. Middle Thoughts: Well, the special effects are good and the opening battle was cool.  After the child escapes, it began feeling more like a mob movie than a King Arthur tale.  So thinking about Arthur as one Don … Continue reading King Author – Legend of the Sword

Why Him?

Beginning Thoughts:  Why am I watching this so soon after Office Christmas Party?  Shouldn’t I watch something better as a pallet cleanser? Middle Thoughts: Surprisingly I’ve laughed and cringed at things in the movie and had a good time doing it. Ending Thoughts: Glad they didn’t just end with ” and the  lived happily ever after”  the video chat was funny and a unique way to … Continue reading Why Him?