About Me

I’ve decided to start writing down my thoughts about movies for no other better reason than a New Year’s Resolution.  I am an adult male with no kids so don’t expect me saying if a movie is something your kids should watch.

I’m a frequent movie going and viewer.  I’m the guy that friends ask “Hey you remember that one with movie  with that guy who did that thing and the dog was following him around?”    and I respond with “Yes, its ….

I’m going to date myself by saying that I was an Assistant Manager at Blockbuster Video.   Yes, Virginia there were stores where you can rent movies and games.   This was probably where I got into the habit of watching movies in my down time and for recreation.

The full number of movies I’ve watched are lost to the ages.  Since I’ve enjoyed and seen so many movies I can’t put a finger on my favorite, but I can tell you if I like a movie.  I also know there are plenty out there that I haven’t seen mostly Horror movies (getting scared is just not relaxing so I usually skip those).

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