Spider-man: Homecoming

Beginning Thoughts: Marvel Cinematic Universe viewing is required viewing and I heard good things. I have successfully avoided the standard spoiler filled previews; I’m not sure how I did that.

Middle Thoughts: I do believe that any teenager would be doing all those videos and taking selfies if they got a free trip to Germany to fight alongside Iron Man.  The actions is fun and the humor is there just like in the Spider-man comics.   One difference from the comic is the number of people hitting on Aunt May.  I think having the  waiter hit on her was just a little too much for me.  I’m not particularly a fan of teenage angst in the movie so I was a little bored during those scenes and wondering if I could check the time on my phone without upsetting anyone.

Ending Thoughts:  I really liked the twist when the Vulture figures out Spider-Man’s secret identity and really enjoyed Michael Keaton’s villain. He wasn’t trying to destroy the world, just trying to take care of his family. Peter deciding to stay a street level hero is just like in the comics. He likes helping people too much. The Avengers don’t really take action if a bike is stolen, but Spider-man and other street level heroes (Netflix Marvel lineup) will stop it.

Something I Didn’t Expect: Spider-man has his gal Carrie like Tony has his gal Friday (she replaced Jarvis as his assistant)? The Captain America teaching videos were all somehow appropriate and believable. Laura found this particularly hilarious!

Overall: This is worth seeing for sure, and there is finally an age appropriate Peter Parker. I hope he gets the suit from the beginning of the movie back. It seemed like a significant upgrade over the hoodie and who doesn’t want taser web?


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