Beginning Thoughts: I think I watched this about 10 years ago on Comedy Central.

Middle Thoughts: Huey is right: you don’t tell the sheriff you are going to charge him at the end of a road trip and expect him not to shoot at you.  He’s just going to shoot you because he has nothing to lose.

Ending Thoughts: Did anyone really think that they would kill off Huey?  The overall feel of the movie never really felt like anyone would die.

Something I Didn’t Expect: I genuinely laughed at Huey getting locked in the basement with the Christmas lights wrapped around him. The kidnapper plugged in the cord and left Huey wrapped in flashing lights with the basement lights out.

Overall:  Bringing the line “The 90’s are going to make the 60’s look like the 50’s.”  up to date “The 2020’s are going make the 90’s look like the 80’s” is very true.  This movie seems very tame by today’s standards and I doubt it would get an R rating now.  I think the movie has some fun parts and would be OK for anyone wanting to just relax with a movie.


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