Beginning Thoughts: America’s Got Talent in Zootopia?

Middle Thoughts: I know they have to touch on every character, but I didn’t really feel for  any specific one.  Since there were so many parallel stories you don’t get the depth to care about any one character. 

Ending Thoughts: Finally the part I’ve actually been looking forward to: their performances.  I was so happy they saved the orphanage (or was that the Blues Brothers). 

Something I Didn’t Expect: I always really love the Hallelujah song.

Overall: The singing performances were good, but the pacing felt slow.  As a distract your kids or a background radio, it works.

My Wife’s Opinion:  This movie was a waste of a big name cast. It wasn’t remotely funny, and at times, it was depressing.  The elephant was the sweetest character, but was not treated well.  She did bring down the house at the talent show and everyone loved her.



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