In Like Flint

Beginning Thoughts:  I’ve only heard the saying, “He’s in like Flynn.”  That’s as close as I’ve ever been to knowing anything about this movie.

Middle Thoughts:  I’m not sure if it is because I saw Wonder Woman recently that I subconsciously chose this movie because it seems like the exact opposite.  I can only think to describe it as a hella-campy and uber-misogynistic spy movie.  That being said; it is fun to shut down and enjoy the spectale of the ridiculousness that is this movie.

Ending Thoughts: Wow, I really just watched that.  I used to think James Bond was the source of inspiration for Austin Powers, but this is the true origin of just about every trope of Austin Powers.

Something I Didn’t Expect: About the only thing I did expect was there was a character named Flint in the movie, but these are some of the  truly left field things from the movie. 

  • Flint can communicate with his dolphin pals (because not science).  
  • They put in some fake subtitles for a fake Russian song he’s singing.  I don’t think they said any words, but there are subtitles.  The subtitles don’t even look Cyrilic. 
  • Ok, I can see operation Smooch working in most situations. 

Overall: Don’t over think about anything in this movie.  Don’t look too close at the special effects.  Just sit back and watch and experience the unbridled campiness of this movie.


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