Wonder Woman

Beginning Thoughts: At this point for the DC Cinematic Universe, I have low expectations.

Middle Thoughts: The training scenes for the Amazons are cool; I loved the variety of weaponry and skills the Amazons were demonstrating.  The fight between the Amazons and the Germans shows what I would expect from an advanced unskilled army vs primitive master army. The Amazons won, but at a cost. Since they weren’t using the same level of technology the warrior women suffered great loss.  This is different form the comic origin story as the Amazons were skilled with guns also, but I like this take on the Amazons.  I know the location of Themyscira is a secret, but they got to London in a single night?
Having the movie set during the first World War brought an original aesthetic to the film. Gal Gadot was incredible throughout the film, showing believable bravery and vulnerability at the same time.

Ending Thoughts: Her hero march into No Man’s Land was perfect.  It was a culmination of her naivete in wanting to get somewhere, her warrior spirit to battle and being a general bad a$$.  The fight with Aries was well done, the integration of the lasso was unique and I liked her focusing on the fight with Aries while Steve and the others saved the day for London.

Something I Didn’t Expect: The ice cream was random, but it was nod to a scene from the comic book.  I didn’t expect Gal Gadot to be believable as an Amazon, but she really was and a good representation of Wonder Woman.

Overall: While I do see the similarities with the Captain America: The First Avenger movie, I think that there were enough differences (like a different World War, fighting styles and their interaction with the love interest) to set them apart.  This was a great action movie with unique fights and a wonderful story.
Could Wonder Woman become the cornerstone of the DC Cinematic where Batman and Superman failed?  It’s possible and could save the DC Cinematic Universe.


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