Alien: Covenant

Beginning Thoughts: I’m not a fan of scary movies, so I usually stay away from the Alien series. Unfortunately, this was chosen for the “Terrible Tuesday” movie.

Middle Thoughts: It’s the little ones you have to worry about. The fledgling aliens were cute in my wife’s opinion. It was too soon after discovering how horrible the people were that she started rooting for the aliens.

Ending Thoughts: Well who didn’t see that twist ending coming?  I know I did.

Something I Didn’t Expect: The outside shots of the Covenant ship was fantastic the detail was amazing. The only redeeming feature of the movie was the “Tennessee” character played by Danny McBride. He was quite entertaining!  The flute scene and the self-make out session by Michael Fastbender were not expected at all be me or a large group of people in the viewing. The dialogue was abhorrent and I can’t believe that the script was green lit.

Overall: If you are a fan of the Alien movies by all means go and watch and enjoy. If your ODC requires you to complete movie series like me then sorry you’ll have to watch it.


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