Going in Style

Beginning Thoughts: Ocean’s 11 with senior citizens? Middle Thoughts: These guys took two hard hits with the home foreclosure and pension being dissolved, and then serious illness on top of that!  You see them being pushed lower and lower.  Once they decide to rob the bank, that is when the real funny parts start to happen. Ending Thoughts: That was surprisingly well thought out robbery and alibis.  I … Continue reading Going in Style

The Founder

Beginning Thoughts: Wait, are you saying a guy named Kroc founded McDonald’s? Middle Thoughts: Ray is the stereotypical rich quick character.  You only trust him as long as you can see him and once he is out of sight,  he’s only for himself. Ending Thoughts: Wow, what heartless individual! Ray is one of those people who have the drive to make a business great, because he’s looking out … Continue reading The Founder


Beginning Thoughts: This should be a good World War II movie. Middle Thoughts: OK, it took me a few cuts to figure out it is non-linear story telling. Ending Thoughts: A powerful story that should be told and known by everyone. Something I Didn’t Expect: I didn’t expect: Did they really just print Churchill’s speech in the paper word for word? Overall: I’m not sure that I would watch … Continue reading Dunkirk

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Beginning Thoughts: I want another Fifth Element. Middle Thoughts: There is no chemistry between these leading actors. Special effects look fantastic. Those aliens that live on the beach are crazy beautiful like runway models. The Great Bazaar is a unique concept and well executed. Ending Thoughts: So the aliens that never left their planet learned enough to: 1) survive on a wrecked ship; 2) use that … Continue reading Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets


Beginning Thoughts: I need to more to drink if I’m going to watch this movie. Middle Thoughts: So, not as bad as I was expecting. The jokes are raunchy, but there is more of a plot than I expected. After seeing movies like Starsky & Hutch and Baywatch, I have dauntingly low expectations for remaking classic TV shows as movies. Ending Thoughts: Ok, so this won’t win awards, … Continue reading CHIPS

Spider-man: Homecoming

Beginning Thoughts: Marvel Cinematic Universe viewing is required viewing and I heard good things. I have successfully avoided the standard spoiler filled previews; I’m not sure how I did that. Middle Thoughts: I do believe that any teenager would be doing all those videos and taking selfies if they got a free trip to Germany to fight alongside Iron Man.  The actions is fun and the humor … Continue reading Spider-man: Homecoming


Beginning Thoughts: America’s Got Talent in Zootopia? Middle Thoughts: I know they have to touch on every character, but I didn’t really feel for  any specific one.  Since there were so many parallel stories you don’t get the depth to care about any one character.  Ending Thoughts: Finally the part I’ve actually been looking forward to: their performances.  I was so happy they saved the orphanage (or was … Continue reading Sing

In Like Flint

Beginning Thoughts:  I’ve only heard the saying, “He’s in like Flynn.”  That’s as close as I’ve ever been to knowing anything about this movie. Middle Thoughts:  I’m not sure if it is because I saw Wonder Woman recently that I subconsciously chose this movie because it seems like the exact opposite.  I can only think to describe it as a hella-campy and uber-misogynistic spy movie.  That being … Continue reading In Like Flint